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This extension enables Predictive Analytics capability to FlexRule platform.


Trains and builds a predictive model using data.

 train (list, algorithm, class, options)
  • algorithm:
    • c45: Decision Tree
    • nb: Naive Bayes
  • class: attributes name that is the class name (i.e. attribute or field of data that going ot be the result of prediction)
  • options: Algorithm options if it is available
  • Return: analytic’s trainedModel


Uses a trained model to predict result for a data record.

 predict (trainedModel, data, options)
  • trainedModel: the train function result.
  • data: Situan that requires the prediction. (i.e. a JSON with fields of value)
  • options: Algorithm options if it is available


Extracts rules for Decision Tree.

 extractRules (trainedModel, type)
  • type: if, elseIf
  • Retrun: list of rules that are bases of the trained model


The following examples are available by default when you open FlexRule Designer.

Updated on July 9, 2019

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