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How it Works

Service execution can be distributed to multiple service versions by using the Champion-Challenger method. This allows you to specify the proportions of requests you want to be handled by each service version.

Service VersionWeightDescription
Service A80For every 100 requests, 80 of them will be executed using this service.
Service B20For every 100 requests, 20 of them will be executed using this service.

How to Setup Champion-Challenger

Navigate to the package with your service versions in it.

Choose the Use Champion-Challenger option from the drop-down menu.

Edit a service from the Actions menu.

Navigate to the Options tab.

Fill in a value for Weight.

Click on Update.

Repeat the steps to add Weight to all service versions in the package.

When you execute your service, you will notice that a proportion of requests will go to each service version based on the weights that have been set. In our example, 80% went to service version 1, and 20% went to service version 2.

Updated on May 17, 2022

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