Deployment Extensions

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These extensions allow publishing the

  1. Deployment Package
  2. Individual logic documents

to a specific, custom location i.e. Database, FTP Server, etc. using the Package Builder.

Sample Extension

Download the sample extension from

Compile Sample Extension

  1. Open the sample extension project in Visual Studio
  2. Reference below assemblies in the project from latest version of FlexRule Designer
    1. FlexRule.Designer.Common.dll
    2. FlexRule.Designer.Core.dll
    3. FlexRule.Designer.Deployment.dll

Compile and you will find Deployment.Extension.DB.dll in the Debug folder of the project.


  1. Copy Deployment.Extension.DB.dll to the bin folder of FlexRule Designer
  2. Edit file FlexRule.Designer.Settings.config
  3. Locate Tag Designer/Deployment/Extensions
  4. Use below Add element to register your own extension
  ... some other contents are emitted ...
    ... some other contents are emitted ...
      <Add assembly="FlexRule.Designer.Vault.dll" type="FlexRule.Designer.Deployment.Server.Extensions.FlexRuleServerControl"/>
      <Add assembly="Deployment.Extension.DB.dll" type="Deployment.Extension.DB.DatabaseDeployer"/>
Updated on April 9, 2021

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