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Download and Install FlexRule Designer with a Subscription License

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to,

  1. Get licenses
  2. Install FlexRule Designer
  3. Install FlexRule Designer license
  4. Install and connect FlexRule Runtime
  5. Connect FlexRule Runtime license

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Create a FlexRule Account

You’ll need a FlexRule account to download and install FlexRule products.

If you already have a FlexRule account, you can skip this step.

If you don’t already have one, create a new account using the following link.

Enter a username, your email address, and click Register.

You should see a success message.

You should receive an email. Click on the link provided.

Check your spam folder as it’s likely the verification email will be filtered.

Set a password for your account and click Reset Password.

You now have a FlexRule account and can use your username and password to sign in to the FlexRule website to download products.

2. Send Username to FlexRule Support Team

It is mandatory to send an email to support@flexrule.com to add your username to the licensing system.

You will be able to download the licenses only after you get an confirmation email from FlexRule support team.

3. Download FlexRule Designer

Navigate to the following link and sign in with your FlexRule account if prompted.

Enter the password for the downloads page click Enter.
You should have received the password if you signed up for a trial. If not contact support@flexrule.com to obtain the password.

This password is not the same as your FlexRule account password.

Scroll down and click on the Download Now link for FlexRule Designer.

This should start downloading the setup file for FlexRule Designer.

4. Install FlexRule Designer

Open the setup file you downloaded.

Follow the Wizard to install FlexRule Designer.

Once the installation has completed, the Trial License Downloader will open automatically and you can close it as we are downloading the license in a later step.

Click Finish on the Setup window.

FlexRule Designer is now installed but a few more steps need to be taken before we can start creating business logic.

5. Download FlexRule Designer and Runtime License

Download and run the My Licenses Application.

Unzip FlexRuleMyLicenses.zip and Run My Licenses Application.

Enter the username and password of your registered FlexRule account

Once the login is successful, you will be able to see your details.

Select the Subscription and Products you want to download and the location to download license files. For this installation, we will need the following products,

  • FlexRule Runtime
  • FlexRule Designer

If you don’t see the subscription in the drop-down list, that means your username is not in the licensing system. Email support@flexrule.com to add your username.

Once the licenses are downloaded you can see the files in the given location.

Copy the designer file, flexrule.designer.license.lic to bin file at the location where you installed FlexRule Designer. By default it is,

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Programs\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Designer\<designer version>\Bin

You now have the FlexRule Designer license copied correctly on your computer.

6. Download and Connect FlexRule Runtime

Open FlexRule Designer from your Desktop.
(You can also search for it in the start menu)

Open one of the sample projects in the Recent Projects list.

In the top menu, go to Project > Properties.

Click on the Runtime tab.

Choose the path to your FlexRule Runtime License file and click on Download FlexRule Runtime Nuget.
(You saved the license file as part of step 6 in the Trial License Downloader wizard)

Click on Download.

Once the download is completed, click OK to continue.

Click OK to close the Properties window.

Close FlexRule Designer and start it again.

You should now be ready to start creating business logic.

Updated on March 16, 2020

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