Extension Manager

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Extension Manager is used for installing, uninstalling, and updating the installed extensions.

There is an online extension repository that can be explored using the Extension Manager

  • Go to Extension Manager under the Tools menu:
  • You can select the extension type.
    • Platform: the platform extensions such as Analytics, and Robotics
    • Databases: Database extensions such as MySQL, and PostgreSQL


It allows you to download and install an extension from an online repository to your local project.

  • Select the Online Repository tab
  • Find your extension
  • Select the extension in the list
  • Click on the Install button in the toolbar

If a version of an extension is already installed, uninstall it first.

Installed extensions can be seen under the tab, Installed Locally.


Uninstalling an extension from your local computer should be done using the Installed Locally tab:

  • Select the Installed Locally tab
  • Find the extension you want to uninstall
  • Select the extension from the list
  • On the toolbar, Click on the Uninstall button 

Once the extension is uninstalled, it will no longer be visible under the tab, Installed Locally.

Updated on May 11, 2022

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