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This tutorial will describe how to automate the process of a Google-search.

If we think the process of searching ‘Flexrule’ in Google and get a list of links on the first page, the steps would be as follows:

  1. Open a web Browser (eg: Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Navigate to ‘’
  3. Type ‘Flexrule’ in the search bar
  4. Press ‘Enter’ key
  5. Copy each link one by one
  6. Close the web browser
Getting a list of links on the first page of the Google search result for ‘Flexrule’

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Process Steps

In the following example, we will automate these six steps of a simple Google-search process using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- Web Toolbox.

Create a new Generic-Flow file

Create a new file using the Generic Flow Template

Open a new web browser

Add a New Browser tool to open the Chrome web browser.

  • It requires you to define web1 as a Local variable under Parameters Declaration.


  • Browser Type: Chrome
  • Copy Result To: web1

Add a Navigate_To tool to navigate to the Google page,


Add a Keyboard tool to type ‘Flexrule’ and press the ‘Enter’ button. This tool imitates the manual typing of a keyboard.

  • The word Flexrule should be typed on the search bar.
  • The Google search bar can be located by using its HTML element identifier Name and its value is q.


  • Keys: Flexrule{enter} ({enter} imitates the action of pressing the ‘Enter’ button on the keyboard.)
  • Key Action: KeyDown
  • Target Browser: web1
  • Lookup Key: Name
  • Search Value: q (q is the HTML element Name of Google search bar)

Get search results

Add a Get Text tool to get the list of links on the first page.

  • After getting the search results, the next step is to find all the links on the first page.
  • The links can be located by using the HTML element Identifier TagName and its value is cite.
  • After getting the links, they can be stored in an out variable name results.


  • Copy Result To: results
  • Target Browser: web1
  • Lookup key: TagName
  • Search Value: cite
  • Multiple Results: True

Close web browser

Add a Close Browser tool to close the web browser.

  • After getting the results, the web browser can be closed automatically.


  • Target Browser: web1


FlexRule Allows you to deploy your bot with just one click. To learn more, read the Deployment tutorial.

The complete example file can be found in the RPA example project/GoogleSearchFlow.xml

Download the project

Use the attachment at the end of the page to download the sample project.

Updated on November 16, 2022

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