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This extension allows users to authenticate and post under their own account or page/organization they belong to.

Creating your Linkedin Developer Account

  1. Create a developer account in Developers | Linkedin
  2. Add the required products under your application
Share on Linkedin, Sign In with Linkedin and Marketing Developer Platform

3. Set or add the redirect URL of your application to

Make sure to add the exact URL as this is needed for the automation

4. For Organization Post – Users to be authenticated should have an Admin Access on the company page

5. Save the Authentication Client Id and Secret as this will be needed for the commands


When the Linkedin Extension is installed, the Toolbox will be updated for Workflow models.

Check Linkedin Commands for the full list and descriptions.


The following tutorial shows you how to authenticate and do posts.

1. Create a Flow

Create a General Flow

2. Create variables for AccessToken, Token, Email, Password, ClientId and ClientSecret. Make sure all are of Type string.

3. Add Authenticate and provide details.

4. Change the Value Type of ClientId, ClientSecret, Email, and Password to Expression.

5. Add Write File (from the ToolBox search “Write File”). Change the Arguments:
Content: AccessToken
Path: the text file where you want to save the Access Token.

6. Add File (from the ToolBox search “File”). Change the Arguments:
Copy Value To: AccessToken
Type: Text
Path: the text file where you want to read the Access Token.

Click on the Arrow (3) and change the Condition (from Properties) to AccessToken == “”

7. Add Validate Access Token and change the parameters Value Type to Expression.

8. Add Post Individual and Post Organization then provide details

9. Run or Debug your project

Updated on May 11, 2022

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