Versions and Logic History

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Keeping track of logic file changes is very important. When it comes to FlexRule Designer there are certain options available:

  1. An external source control system.
  2. Internal built-in source control system (using GIT).

In FlexRule, your business logic is a text file (usually XML). You can manage the versioning of these files using any source control of your choice. Simply add your working directory (rule project) to a source-control repository.

Built-in Support for GIT

FlexRule Designer also supports version management and file history tracking by using a plugin called Vault. Vault is a built-in GIT client for FlexRule Designer that supports file history and version management.

The main advantage of using the built-in Vault client vs. an external client for managing your version and tracking file changes is that if you use an external client, every time you apply and save a change, you MUST remember to commit (check-in) your changes to a local repository. However, when you use Vault, everything happens automatically and transparently. Your workflow does not change, you keep using FlexRule Designer as normal and in the background, Vault takes care of managing both version and history.

First Time

When you create a new project or open an existing one, if Vault is installed and there is no repository found for that project, Vault creates an index for the project into the local GIT repository.

This is a quick one-time operation. When this process is finished, you can continue with FlexRule Designer.

Disabling Vault

You can always remove Vault from FlexRule Designer if you wish by using either of the following methods:

  1. Open FlexRule Designer setting file named FlexRule.Designer.Settings.config
    1. Find Designer > Services > FileHistory element.
    2. Add enabled=”false” on that line.
    3. Save the config file.

File History

When Vault is installed (by default it is installed and enabled) you find a file history icon in the Project Explorer toolbar.

  1. Select a file.
  2. Click on the history icon.

History Browser

When you open the history of a file, a window like the one below will be opened in your FlexRule Designer:

  1. The top panel is the list of changes related to this specific file selected from Project Explorer.
  2. The bottom panel is the specific change for the item selected in the top panel.

Vault can trace:

  • Inserted, updated, deleted logic.
  • Rename of logic file.


When a file is deleted, there will be no node in Project Explorer to represent it. Therefore, to view the history of deleted files, you need to view the history of the project itself. So please select the root in the project explorer and then click the History button to view the changes to the project file as well as deleted files.

Updated on October 21, 2019

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