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Work with the Package Browser

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Launching Package Browser

To browse the logic files of all decisions under a package, select Browse Logic Files from the Packages list.


When a package is browsed, a list of files and folders of a package will be shown in a tree structure like the picture below.

The root of the tree is the decisions of the package.


The package browser has two main tab sections:

  1. Hierarchy: This shows a list of all decisions in root and the list of all the folders and logic files related to the parent decision.
  2. Viewer: This shows different viewers for a file when it is loaded.


Once a logic file content is saved, the server automatically associates a revision to it. Each file has two reversions

  1. Active
  2. Latest

You can pin down a specific version of a file on a service, so when the file is updated, your service endpoint behavior still works with the pinned version. Once you are sure about the change, then you can promote it to the new version.

Active Revision

Active Revision is the revision of the file that will be used every time a request comes for the execution of a decision. When a logic file is changed, the active revision automatically is increased to match the latest revision of the logic file.

Latest Revision

When a logic file is updated, the server automatically increases the revision of the logic file.

Update Content

XML Editor

By default, all the logic files will be loaded into an XML editor.

When this XML editor is active you can simply press to update the content of the logic file. Please note the revision of the logic file will be updated.

Visual Editor

There are many different types of logic, not all of them provide a visual editor, but some of them provide an inline visual editor that allows you to visually modify the logic file.

To enable the visual editor on the toolbar of the Viewer click to toggle it on. If this button does not exist, means the logic file does not have a visual editor.

The following types of logic provide a visual editor:

Decision Table Editor

Decision Table supports a simple visual editor which supports some basic editing functionalities.

With this visual editor you can:

  1. Change the order of columns and rows by dragging and dropping
  2. Add new Rows and Columns
  3. Change Decision Table properties
    1. Manage input and output parameters
    2. Change the name of the decision table
    3. Manage decision table columns
      1. Delete columns
      2. Modify columns expressions

To save your modification, move back to the XML Editor and click on Save Contents.

Learn more on Workbench Decision Table Editor.

If you require an advanced editor please use FlexRule Designer Decision Table Editor

Steps to Add or Modify Decision Table

In order to build a decision table in visual mode, you need first to switch to Visual. They need to make sure there are columns. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Set the decision table header by going to “Properties” and setting a name
  2. Add a new column
  3. Add a new row and add the value


A logic file has some properties that can be viewed by the property screen:


There is some information associated with a file:

  • Filename
  • Size
  • Created date
  • Updated date
  • UID
  • Hash
  • Revisions

Please note, by changing the revision number in the list you can navigate to different revisions of the logic file.

Pin Revision

Also, you can change the revision behavior of a file and ‘Pin’ a revision. This means when the file is updated, the Latest Revision of the file will be changed but during decision execution, the pinned revision will be used. This feature enables you to keep updating and revision changes on a logic file, once you are certain about the change you can Pin the new revision instead of the older one.

Updated on September 6, 2022

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