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Publishing allows you to bundle your logic documents for deployment as a set of files and folders or as a single zip package. Decision Modules are bundles of your business logic that are used to publish a set of logic. A Decision Module contains all of the logic required to support a specific scenario:

  1. Flow
  2. Procedure
  3. Validation
  4. Decision Table
  5. Natural Language
  6. Decision Graph (i.e. Decision model and Notation, DRD)

To add a new profile to publish,

Document Types --> Utilities --> Publish Profile

Once you add a document, this will be the window.

Publish Profile Properties

When the Profile node is selected in the tree, you can see the following in the Properties window 

  1. Display Title: Each Decision Module may have a display title that can be set using this property.
  2. Name: This is the actual name of the published decision module. This name cannot be changed and is the identifier of the decision to be executed.
  3. Destination: This is the address to which the linked files and areas will be pushed.
  4. Entry Uri: A package will be used as a RuleSet. A RuleSet requires an address.
  5. Base: The base folder, which is where your rule project files are located.
  6. Type: This determines whether the decision module is published as a Folder and Files Structure or a single Decision Module file.


The toolbox has the following items.

Complete list of commands and how to publish

Check Managing a publish profile see how to publish.

Top Menu

At the top menu, you can see the following items.

  1. Move down the selected node: Move a node
  2. Move up the selected node: Move a node up
  3. Delete selected node: Delete a node
  4. Show properties of node: Show properties of a node
  5. Expand tree: Show more of a tree node
  6. Collapse tree: Show less of a tree node

Node Properties

If you click on a node, its property window will appear. The properties vary depending on the node type.

Sample Profile

Download the sample profile ( using the attachment.

Updated on July 22, 2019

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