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Robotics in Windows Application

◷ Reading Time: 5 minutes

This tutorial will describe how to automate the process of writing some words in MS Paint and saving these. It demonstrates the ability to use FlexRule to automate Windows Applications.

If we think of the process of writing a text and saving it, the steps would be as follows:

  1. Open MS Paint
  2. Click on the Text icon
  3. Click on the canvas where you want to type
  4. Type the text
  5. Save the file with a given name

Video Description

Process Steps

In the following example, we will automate these five steps using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- Windows Application Toolbox.

Create a new generic flow file

Create a new file using the Generic Flow Template

app should be defined as a Local parameter. See Variable Parameter to understand how to declare a variable parameter.

Open a new MS Paint Window

Add a New App node to open an MS Paint application window.


  • Application Path: mspaint.exe
  • Copy Result To: app

Click on Insert Text icon

Add a Mouse Button  node to click on the Text icon 


  • Button Action: LeftClick
  • Target Browser/ App: app
  • Lookup Key: Name
  • Search Value: Text

Move the Mouse Pointer to the Canvas

Add a Mouse Move tool to move the mouse pointer to the canvas where you want to type the text.


  • Action: MoveTo
  • Offset X: 100
  • Offset Y: 200
  • Target Browser/ App: app
  • Lookup Key: MainWindow

Click on the Canvas

Add a Mouse Button tool to click on the canvas.


  • Button Action: LeftClick

Type the Text

Add a Keyboard tool to type the text.


  • Keys: Welcome to FlexRule
  • Key Action: Send

Save the File

Add a Keyboard node to type F12 which is the keyboard key to Save As.


  • Keys: {F12}
  • Key Action: Send

Type File Name to Save

Add a Keyboard node to type test.png{enter} which is the file name to save.


  • Keys: test.png{enter}
  • Key Action: Send

Download the project

The project can be downloaded using the attachment at the end of the page.

Updated on May 2, 2023

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