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Run FlexRule Server in Windows

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In this section you will learn how to run the FlexRule Server. Generally there are two ways of running the server:

  1. Run as Windows Console
  2. Run as Windows Service

Running as Windows Console

To run the server nodes, you just need to browse to the location where you have these installed.

Run Master

Locate where you have installed the master node and find the FlexRule.Server.Master.exe file, right click on it and run it as Administrator

Once you’ve done that you will see the screen below:

Run Agent

Locate where you have installed the master node and find the FlexRule.Server.ExecAgent.exe file, right click on it and run it as Administrator

Launching Workbench

To run workbench in your browser you need to know its address when you have set it up. You can check your Master node console to find it:

When you navigate to the http://localhost:9010 address, you can see the Workbench screen:

Running as Windows Service

Installing either master or Execution Agent as a Windows service is simple. What you need to do is:

  1. Open a command problem as an Administrator
  2. Go to the Master or Agent folder
  3. Depending on what node you are installing as a service using either of the following commands
    1. FlexRule.Server.Master.exe install
    2. FlexRule.Server.ExecAgent.exe install

For example, the below image shows the installation of Master as a Windows Service:

And then you can manage the Services via Windows Service Management:

You can do the same to install Agent nodes as a Windows Service.

Extra Parameters

If you need to know about the other supported parameters, just type ‘help’:

FlexRule.Server.Master.exe help

or for Execution Agent:

FlexRule.Server.ExecAgent.exe help

Troubleshooting Log File

When either of the Masters or Execution Agents run, these write some logging information in the %ProgramData% folder. To see details on any problems encountered, visit the log file at:

%ProgramData%\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Server

And you will find three different folders for the following:

  1. FlexRule.Server.ExecAgent
  2. FlexRule.Server.Master
  3. FlexRule.Server.Configurator

In each of these, logs are organized in folders based on the executable file version.

Updated on May 18, 2022

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