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Supplier Assessment

◷ Reading Time: 5 minutes

The tutorial will use the scenario of an assessment designed to check the most suitable company.


Ryan is a Product Manager of a construction company and he wants to select the best portfolio of a company as their main supplier. The supplier assessment will perform both qualitative and quantitative evaluations and help to get the final decision.

How to Run

Using JSON Composer

1. Open the file CompleteFlow.xml

2. Click on Debug with JSON composer.

3. Load one of the given sample JSON files (samples are in the folder Sample JSONs in your project folder) or enter the data manually.

4. Click OK

5. Click Next Step to go step by step.

6. You will see the output in under Parameters window

and the notifications under Notifications window

Using Run Template

  1. Click on Logic Run Template

2. Select the template you want to use

3. Click on Run to run the project using the selected run template

Process Steps

The process contains a set of main steps.

StepUsed FlexRule Module/ tool
1. The company should have a valid Business Registration numberRPA web module
2. Give scores according to a set of rulesDecision Table
3. Determine eligibilityDecision Table

For this project, it is required to download the Robotic Extension using the Extension Manager.

Video Description

How to build from scratch:

Project Description

The project contains the following files:

General Flow

  • CompleteFlow: Follow all of the steps
  • SearchCompanyIdRegistrationFlow: Check the company business registration number online

Decision Table

ScoreDT: Set of rules to give scores EligibilityDT: Provide ranking according to the score

Fact Concept 

SupplierDetails: Define supplier object

The Flow Design

1. Define the supplier object as a Fact Concept. This is the final JSON object with all the details of a supplier.

  • SupplierDetails.xml

2. Define rules to give scores to each valid quality

  • ScoreDT.xml

3. Define rules to give eligibility rank according to the score.

  • EligibilityDT.xml

4. Define the flow to check the business registration number online.

  • SearchCompanyIdRegistrationFlow.xml

5. Define the complete path of the flow.

  • completeFlow.xml

Download the project

The project (Supplier Assessment.zip) can be downloaded using the attachment at the end of the page.

Updated on July 29, 2020

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