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Test FlexRule Server with a Sample Project

◷ Reading Time: 4 minutes

1. In your local machine, install FlexRule Designer

2. Deploy a project using the Package Builder

For instance, you can try the Delivery Cost Calculator example.

When building the package,

Test with Postman

1. Once you deploy the example, you can see it as a service under Execution Server –> Services.

2. Change the Client Secret to the App1 password that you defined during the Default Account setting in FlexRule Server Master configuration.

Type the input JSON.

    Name: "car",
    Value: {
      Airbags: "Driver, FrontPassenger",
      ModelYear: 2007,
      Made: "Hyundai",
      Model: "IX35",
      Style: "Sedan"

If your input parameter is a JSON, but you have not specified a type in your deployed project, you must use Type: "json" in the input JSON.

Name: “InputJson”,
Type: “json”
Value: {

3. Check step-by-step guide to test in Postman.

At the end, you will be able to see the output as follows.

For example,

URL: http://frs-test.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com:9000//api/services/execute/car_insurance/2/Car_Flow


  "inputs": [
    "Name": "car",
    "Value": {
      "Airbags": "Driver, FrontPassenger",
     "ModelYear": 2007,
      "Made": "Hyundai",
      "Model": "IX35",
      "Style": "Sedan"


"outputs": [
     "name": "car",
     "value": " 
{\"Model\":\"IX35\",\"Price\":0.0,\"BasePremium\":400.0,\"AutoPremium\":1450.0,\"Style\":\"Sedan\",\"ModelYear\":2007,\"HasRollBar\":false,\"Convertible\":false,\"Age\":0,\"HasMedicalCoverage\":false,\"UninsuredMotoristCoverage\":false,\"OccupantInjuryCategory\":\"Moderate\",\"TheftCategory\":\"High\",\"Airbags\":\"Driver, FrontPassenger\",\"Made\":\"Hyundai\"}"
     "name": "isValid",
     "value": "true"
     "name": "probList",
     "value": "[\"Honda-CR-Z\",\"BMW-E63\",\"Ford-Pickup\",\"Austin-Mini\",\"Hyundai-Tucson\",\"Aprila-RS250\",\"Suzuki-RGV250\",\"Yamaha-TZR250\",\"Hyundai-IX35\",\"Honda-Passport\",\"Honda-CRF250l\",\"Kawasaki-KR1\",\"Suzuki-RMX450Z\"]"

Video Tutorial

The following video shows how you can install FlexRule Server on a virtual machine and test the REST API with Postman

Updated on April 15, 2021

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