Test the Decision Web API

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In this tutorial we are going to test the hosted decision in the sample package.


Uploading Package

Make sure you have finished the previous tutorial.

Get It Started

Launch Test Bed

When you go to Execution Server --> Decisions from the left side navigation menu, and then click on the button on column action of your decision, you will see the bellow screen:

Set Client Id and Secret

Click on the “Test Run” and you will be redirected to a “Test Bed” that allows you to test this hosted decision:

As you can see in above of the page, you will see the decision Url address that your third party application would need to post couple of information to this address to execute the decision.

All the required information on this page is filled, you just need to make sure your client secret is correct. And then select the “Input” tab.

Client Id and Client Secret are defined when configuring the Master Server at the installation.

“Input” tab is where you pass your input parameters to your decision, paste the below JSON object which defines the ‘car’ parameter.

    Name: "car",
    Value: {
      Airbags: "Driver, FrontPassenger",
      ModelYear: 2007,
      Made: "Hyundai",
      Model: "IX35",
      Style: "Sedan"

Then press “Test Drive” button and you see the screen bellow:

As you can see, if you have set your client id and secret correctly, the authentication will be succeeded and you will see an execution failure message on your screen. The reason is this hosted flow requires a database setting (i.e. connection string) to retrieve data from the database.

Once you’ve added the settings to the package and then you run another test for this decision you get a success message for the second result as below:

As you can see in the picture Base Premium and Auto Premium are calculated as the result of calling the sample decision.

Updated on August 9, 2019

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