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When it comes to the FlexRule Server upgrade process, the installer does not offer an automated upgrade. That’s simply because in FlexRule Server we want you to be in control.

When to Upgrade

There are different scenarios in which you might want to consider upgrading the whole FlexRule Server to a new version or just upgrading the FlexRule Runtime part of it.

New FlexRule Runtime

FlexRule Server Master’s and Agent’s nodes use FlexRule Runtime for different purposes:

  1. Master: Uses FlexRule Runtime for internal use and for execution of logic
  2. Agent: Uses FlexRule Runtime for execution of logic

When a new version of FlexRule Runtime is released and the installed FlexRule Server is not using the latest version, you can consider upgrading the FlexRule Server Agent’s node to ensure it uses the latest version of FlexRule Runtime.

New FlexRule Server

When a new FlexRule Server is released, it will always have the latest version of FlexRule Runtime at that time. So you can simply upgrade to the latest version of FlexRule Server. This requires you to upgrade both Master and Agent nodes together. You can start with Agent nodes one-by-one and then upgrade the Master.

Folder Structures

Let’s learn more about the folder structure and files in FlexRule Server. When FlexRule Server is used, you have the option of:

  1. Installing Master only
  2. Installing Master and Agents

During installation, you specify the folder for the Master and Agents. Everything by default is inside those folders.


In the Master folder, there are many files and folders but not all of them are important for you. Below is the list of items that are your assets:

  1. FlexRule.Server.Master.dll.config: This is a file that has the configuration of the Master node.
  2. master.log: This is a Master’s node log file. This file is also located inside the Master’s installation unless you configured it otherwise.
  3. FlexRule.Server.License.lic: This is your license for FlexRule Server

The rest are FlexRule Server standard files and folders.


In the Agent’s folder you can find:

  1. FlexRule.Server.ExecAgent.dll.config: This is a file that has the configuration of the Agent node.
  2. agent.log: This is an Agent’s node log file. This file also is located inside the Agent’s installation unless you configured it otherwise.
  3. FlexRule.Server.License.lic: This is your license for FlexRule Server

Update Executing Agent Runtime

You can upload multiple Runtime versions to the server and choose which Runtime to be used for each running agent.

Upload a New Runtime

1. Download the Runtime Nuget package that you want to use, using the following link.


For example, if you want Runtime 9.0.134, click on the version number and click Download Package to download it.

This will download a .nupkg file.

2. Go to the workbench and navigate to Administration --> Agents.

3. Click on New Runtime.

4. Browse for the .nupkg file and click Push to upload.

Update the Agent Runtime

1. Stop the agent

2. Go to your agent and click Edit.

3. You will be able to select the Runtime version and click Save to update.

4. Click update.

5. Start the agent again.

Manual Update


You need to have a backup for your Master and Agent’s folders before upgrading, or at least make a backup from the files mentioned above.

Ensure you have a backup before upgrading.

Copy and Paste

New FlexRule Runtime

You need to follow the instructions below for Master and all Agents:

  1. Make a backup from the Master and Agent nodes.
  2. Stop the running Master/ Agents.
  3. Download the latest Runtime from NuGet.
  4. Unzip the downloaded .nupkg file (You can use a tool such as 7-zip).

  5. Navigate to the unzipped folder –> lib –> netstandard2.0
  6. Copy all the assembly files (DLL files) 

  7. Paste the copied DLL files in both Master and Agent folders.
    The default locations are,

    For Master:
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexRule\Server\9.0.210\Master
    2. C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexRule\Server\9.0.210\Master\tools

      For Agent:
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexRule\Server\9.0.210\ExecAgent
    2. C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexRule\Server\9.0.210\ExecAgent\tools
  8. Restart the Master and Agent(s) servers.

Grab the latest FlexRule Runtime from NuGet.

New FlexRule Server

You need to proceed as shown below:

  1. Make a backup from the Master and Agent’s nodes
  2. Install the new FlexRule Server
  3. Copy your important files and folders from the old version to the new version
    1. Database file
    2. Master and Agent configuration file
Updated on May 18, 2022

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