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Our support portal

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If you have any technical or business questions, you can create a ticket using our support portal.

How to use the support portal

1. Register at FlexRule.com to create a FlexRule account.

2. Click on the above ‘Create a ticket’ button.

3. Log in with your FlexRule account

4. Click on ‘Submit a request’.

5. Submit your request

You can directly email to support@flexrule.com and it will automatically create a support ticket in the system.

Things to remember

1. When you send your questions, make sure you create one ticket per question. It will make it easier to track and make sure that we reply to your tickets in a timely manner.

If you use the same ticket for different issues, it can be confusing to understand which question you have, whether they are related, or which one is solved.

This is a common mistake that can reduce the processing time.

2. You can view the status of the ticket and click ‘Mark as solved’ once your problem is solved.

3. If you are only CC’d on the ticket, you can view them under ‘Requests I’m CC’s on’.

4. Include FlexRule versions
As we frequently update the versions with improvements, the answering process will be easier when you include the FlexRule versions with the initial question. You can check this link for more information.

5. Include full details of the exception
In order to provide the solution, we will have to reproduce the exception on our site. Therefore, you need to include, 
– The sample project that the error occurs
– The steps to reproduce the error
– Complete exception message, and
– The screenshots

Updated on October 31, 2023

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