Cache Memory Management

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FlexRule Designer along with FlexRule Runtime allows you to handle the cache memory relevant to the FlexRule project.

Cache Inspector

Cache Inspector shows the list of cache entries in the memory for the current process.

Once you log into FlexRule Designer and go to Debug in the main menu and click on the Cache Inspector.

Or else you can click on Cache Inspector icon in the tool bar.

Then the Cache Inspector window will pop up.

  1. Clear all the Cache memory.
  2. Cache entries in the memory.
  3. Refresh the cache list.

Cache Management

By using cache management API, you can:

  • Set a value to a cache
  • Remove a cache entry
  • Return the value of a cache
  • Check existence of the cache entry
  • Clear all the cache entries for a specific scope
  • List all the cache entries for the running process

To access the API for cache management, click here.

Example of cache management API usage: Sample project – Medical Claim Processing

Updated on October 27, 2023

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