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Retrieves the notification in a default or specific group that has some notices

 notification (type, group)
  • type (string): the type of message (i.e., error, warning or error (optional))
  • group (string): the group name of the notification. When not specified, the default group is chosen. (optional)
  • return (Notice): if the split count result is less, will add a null item to match the count (default -1, does not add null values)

You can pass * for a type or group that queries all the types or groups


Writes a message with a specific type in a notification

 notificationWrite (type, message, group)
  • type (string): type of the message (i.e., error, warning or info)
  • message (string): the message to be written in a notification. It can be parameterised string (Mandatory)
  • group: name of group in the notification (Mandatory)


Clears all of the notifications from all the groups based on the notice type.

 notificationClear (type)
  • type (string): type of the message (i.e., error, warning or info)
Updated on July 31, 2019

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