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Executes a process and runs a command.

 processRun (path, args, cfg)
  • path (required): command name or full path
  • args: a string that is the arguments of the command
  • return: A result object of {output, error, hasError}
    • output: success output of command
    • error: error output of the command
    • hasError: A boolean value indicates if something has gone wrong on the execution
  • cfg: Configuration object that can specify:
    • user: Account name
    • domain: Domain of user
    • password: Password of the account
    • verb: Verb for command (i.e., runas)
Example:  list =  processRun  ('cmd.exe', '/c dir').output 
Result: Returns the result of dir command sets it in the list parameter


Lists all the running processes.

 processList ()


Kills a running process

 processKill (processId)
Updated on July 31, 2019

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