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FlexRule allows different types of integration with different technologies:

  • In-process Integration (InProc)
    • Using RuntimeEngine
    • Using Runner CommandHandler
  • Service layer integration
  • JavaScript Integration
  • Azure Function integration

In any of the integration models, your application passes some input values as a request, the Logic processes the request and returns the response (result) back to your application.

Application can be any type, for client side, server side or other platforms such as your business process or case management platform.

InProc Integration

This integration uses SDK to reference FlexRule Runtime directly in your application. When applications use Microsoft .Net Framework they can utilize the In-Proc integration method.

InProc Integration

Service Integration

In this type of integration, your application communicates to the Logic as a service. Sends the requests for processing to a REST API service endpoint.

REST API Integration

JavaScript Integration

FlexRule allows JavaScript applications i.e. web, NodeJS and etc. execute business rules directly (InProc) inside the applications.

JavaScript Rule Engine

Azure Function Integration

Use the FlexRule Runtime inside an Azure Function to execute services as a standalone serverless application hosted in the cloud.

Azure Function Integration

Updated on October 12, 2022

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