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When you select a Natural Language logic and you switch to the logic content on right tab page on the screen and you will see your logic loaded in an XML editor by default, similar to the following:

On Natural Language logic, as you can see there is an extra switch (above picture) which by default is on “XML”. If you click on it, it will become “Visual” and the visual designer for your Decision Table will be loaded.

Rule Entry


You can directly type the rules in the file and click “Save Content”.

When you enter rules, make sure that they are in the correct format.

when <rule name>

It has a colour scheme and you will be able to notice the invalid syntaxes. In the following example, the r3 rule does not have an end tag. Therefore, the next when tag is not Blue coloured.


If you press Control and Alter (Ctrl and Alt) buttons together it will suggest the options.


You can toggle between showing and not showing properties.

This is where you can manage Revisions of the Natural Language document you edit.

Updated on August 12, 2019

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