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Testing rules expressions syntax

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This type of test allows you to build a test case for all expressions in your logic. The big difference between this Expression Tree test case and the other Logic test case is that this test will ignore:

  1. the logical order of Boolean expressions
  2. the Boolean operators of the Decision Table
Testing rules expressions

This test case is designed specifically to cover expression testing on Decision Table logic.

Create new Expression Testcase

To add this type of test document, you simply need to add a new type of logic as shown below:

Rules expressions-Create new Expression Testcase

Providing data

When building an expression test you should still provide data for checking the expression syntax. To create and set data in a test logic document, please visit the test builder section.

Importing from a Decision Table

  • Create a new test document (described above)
  • Add TestCase and Section nodes to the tree
  • Select TestCase node and set the Logic File Property

Rules expressions-Importing from a Decision Table
  • Add a Test under the Section node
  • Select the new Test node in the tree
  • From the document toolbar select
Rules expressions-Importing from a Decision Table

The following window will appear:

Rules expressions-Importing from a Decision Table
  • Select all rows using CTRL+A key
  • Press the OK button
Updated on April 14, 2020

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