Accessing the Swagger endpoint

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This process will show you how to use the swagger endpoint as part of accessing services deployed as : Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.

We have learned that we can retrieve all the available services by using the Services URL: /Services/?code=randomcode.

And from the result, we can then get the service details and use it for executing the service.

To invoke the swagger endpoint, you will just simply add /swagger.json at the end of your service path. E.g., Services/age-service/1/person_growing_state/1/swagger.json?code=randomcode.

The Swagger specification result will include important details such as:

  • Execution URL
  • Request and Response example formats
  • Schemas

If you are not familiar with swagger, you may copy-paste the result to to see it on UI.

The request body contains the example input format for the specified service. As explained in Retrieving Information on Input, the original input should be re-formatted which is already done in the swagger specification.

Updated on June 18, 2021

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