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Deploy as a Self-Contained Folder

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Deployment allows running the process without having the FlexRule project. It creates one self-contained folder with all of the files needed to run the process and store output, notifications, logs, etc. It also creates a .bat file which you can simply double-click in order to run the process.

Build the project package

To open the Package Builder, you can click on the Package Builder icon.


you need to select it from the menu below:

Then you can build the package for your model and run the process:

  • Building a package enables you to have an executable file to run the process.
  • It will create a bat file (Eg: GoogleSearchFlow.xml.bat) and when you run the bat file, the output can be saved in a text file.


  • Platform: Command Line
  • Method: Create a Package File/ Copy to a Target Folder
  • Store Package File: If you want to store the package file, select this
  • File: <Path to create the package folder>
  • Include Project assemblies in this package: <State whether you need to include project assemblies in this package>

    Package File Settings
  • Identifier: a unique name for the package
  • Version: Package version

    Service Information
  • Version: Service version

Execute the bat file

Execute the created bat file to run the process.

Executing the bat file
Data is stored in the three files
  • Once you execute the bat file it will automatically run the created process
  • After executing the bat file, the Notification file, Log file, and Output file are created
Updated on April 8, 2022

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