CLI Silent Model

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CLI Prerequisites

Before beginning, ensure that your installation environment meets the necessary software and hardware requirements.

Download Installation File

  1. Go to your Profile:
  2. Log in with your FlexRule username and Password.

3. Go to the download section and click download and click on Download Now to download the FlexRule CLI installation file.

4. A setup file will be downloaded.

Silent Installation

Navigate to the Setup file location and run the following command using PowerShell in administration mode:

[setup file] /licenseAgreement="My organization has a Customer License Agreement with FlexRule" /personalPrivacyAgreement="I accept the agreement" /DIR="x:\dirname" /VERYSILENT
  • [setup file]: The name of the downloaded setup. i.e: FlexRuleCLI9-0-0-0Setup.exe
  • licenseAgreement: To agree to the FlexRule License Agreement
  • personalPrivacyAgreement: To conform to the personal privacy agreement
  • DIR: Choose the destination directory to install FlexRule CLI
  • VERYSILENT: Silent installation with no windows showing up

This is an auto-setup and there is no progress window show up. Check the <Installation directory\bin> to confirm the CLI package has been installed and run fr.exe to see available options.

Updated on December 6, 2022

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