CLI Manual Installation

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CLI Prerequisites

Before beginning the installation, ensure that your installation environment meets the necessary software and hardware requirements.

Download Installation File

  1. Go to your Profile:
  2. Login with your FlexRule username and Password.

3. Go to the download section and click download and click on Download Now to download the FlexRule CLI installation file.

4. A setup file will be downloaded.


Run the setup file

Select the location for the FlexRule CLI

At the end of the installation you will find the following screen.

When you tick the check box “Open FlexRule CLI Resource Hub” and finish, it will open the FlexRule Resource Hub page on your web browser.

When you tick the check box “Open command prompt in the installed CLI folder” and finish, it will open your command prompt and change the directory to your installation folder.

Another way to run the FlexRule CLI is:

  1. Run Command Prompt as administrator and navigate to the installation folder.
    cd <FlexRuleCLI installationfolder location>
  2. Run
    fr.exe [publish | deploy] [parameters]

The “fr.exe publish” command is used to publish a package locally.
The “fr.exe deploy” command is used to deploy a package on cloud/FlexRule Server.

Updated on December 12, 2022

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