Create storage buckets in Google Cloud console

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This article shows you how to create storage buckets in Google Cloud console.

  1. Log in to your Cloud console account, if you are new you can create an account by using this link.
  2. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Storage and Select the Buckets option
Navigate to Cloud Storage

3. Click on Create button to create a new bucket.

Create a Buket

4. To name your bucket, provide a name that meets the bucket name requirements.

Name the bucket

5. To choose where to store your data, select a Location type and Location where the bucket data will be permanently stored.

Storage location

6. To choose a default storage class for your data, select a storage class for the bucket. The default storage class is assigned by default to all objects uploaded to the bucket.

Storage class

7. To choose how to control access to objects, select whether your bucket enforces public access prevention, and select an Access control model for your bucket’s objects.

Control access

8. To choose how to protect object data, configure Protection tools if desired, and select a Data encryption method.

Data protection

9. Then click on Create.

10. You can find the created buckets as follows under Buckets section in Cloud Storage tab.

Final bucket
Updated on August 22, 2022

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