Decision Table Importer

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You can import Excel documents for the Decision Table Visual Designer.

How to Import

First, create a blank Decision Table document using the dialog shown below:

Then you select Import from the Toolbar

Select your Excel file with the browse button and choose your worksheet

The top left corner of your table must start with either of the following keywords:

  1. Decision
  2. Validation

The import is sensitive to the start of the table and will recognize an area as a Decision Table once it identifies either of these keywords in any cell.

Then press OK and a Row Type Selector screen appears. This screen (shown below) allows you to mark each row with an appropriate type.

Once the types are all set and no unknown rows are on your screen, then you can press the OK button and wait until the process is finished.

And you will have the Excel document imported:

Video Description

Downloadable Sample Excel file

Download a sample Decision table Excel file (ExcelDT.xlsx) using the attachment.

Updated on July 2, 2019

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