How to Deploy in FlexRule Server

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Once you install FlexRule Server, you can deploy a project there.

For example, we are deploying this Decision Table. It takes a person’s age as an input and outputs the title according to the age range.

This is the input object of the decision table.


The complete project is attached at the end of the page.

How to Deploy

Open the Project’s Entry Document

Open your project’s entry document.
In this example, the decision table is the entry document.

Open Package Builder

Click on the Package Builder.

Add your package details such as,

  • Package identifier
  • Package version
  • Service version

Go to Deployment tab and select FlexRule Server.

Enter the retrieved FlexRule Server and account values.

Values entered in the below image are the default values if you have installed the server in localhost.

Click on Test Login to ensure that the entered login details are correct.

Ensure that you have selected the these options to provide the ownership of the package to the user and application.

  • Grant the package ownership to the current login
  • Enable the package
  • Grant the below applications ownership for execution

Click Publish.

Once the package was created successfully, you will see a confirmation message.

The deployment will happen in the background. On the background task window, you will see the list of deployment tasks.

The complete list of deployment tasks can be seen along with their status.

View Deployment URL

If you navigate to workbench, and select Packages, you will see the deployed package.

Default link if you have deployed in localhost:


Click on the package to see its services and then clikc on Test Run.

You will see the service URL there.


http://localhost:9000/api/services/execute/defineagetitle/1/person growing state

Updated on May 10, 2022

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