Test Drive a Project Deployed in FlexRule Server

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You can test a deployed project in FlexRule Server

  • First, navigate to the workbench

Default workbench URL if you have installed in localhost: http://localhost:9010/

  • Log in with the user account details.

Access the Service

  • Go to Execution Server –> Packages and click on the package

You will be directed to the service.

Test Run the Service

  • Under the service actions, click on Test Run.
  • Enter the Client Secret.

If you want to use the default application, this is the Application Login that you defined during the installation step.

  • Enter the input.

The input JSON should be entered as Name-Value pairs.

    Name: "person",
    Value: {
  • Click Test Drive.

You will be able to see the output under the outputs parameter.

Updated on May 10, 2022

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