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Runner with User Interface

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FlexRule Runner allows the users to run a project without installing FlexRule Designer. It only requires the project package, FlexRule Runtime environment, and the JSON input file (if necessary) to run a built project.


You need to publish and create a package for your project. To create a package, have a look at this article.

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How to run a package

1. Run the Runner application.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Runner\<version number>\Bin

2. Add Runtime location and the Runtime license (flexrule.license.lic) path

3. Add the package file to run ( eg: SupplierAssessment.frdp)

4. Run the package

Task Scheduler

You can schedule a package to run using Task Scheduler. It uses Windows Task Scheduler and runs the given packages according to the given schedule.

You should run the Runner as an administrator to schedule tasks.

1. Click on the Tasks List icon to see the tasks.

2. The list of tasks can be viewed as follows.

3. Click on the new task icon to schedule a new task

4. Give a task name, description, package, and the JSON input file.

5. Choose task triggers

6. Setup the trigger time

7. Task summary will be shown and finish the process to add the task

Log files

Log files are available to view the logs and exceptions.

Database file

Database file is also available to view the logs.

Set Properties

Some packages require extensions loaded during execution and these assemblies need to be added in this setting.

You can load all the related assemblies to the list before running the project.

You can edit the list.


If you get the following error, that means you should run the runner as administrator.

Download an example

Download a sample package (SupplierAssessmentPackage.zip) using the attachment at the end of the page.

Updated on June 29, 2020

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