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Install Runtime using CLI


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Runtime command will install a specific version of FlexRule Runtime on your machine.

fr.exe runtime --version <value> --destination <value> --extract <value>
  • version: The version of FlexRule Runtime you want to install on the local machine.
  • destination: This is the target destination folder where the FlexRule Runtime will be installed.
  • extract: This is a temporary location where the FlexRule Runtime and all its dependent packages will be unpacked. When it is not specified, a default location will be used.

You can also use help function as a guide.

fr.exe --help runtime


fr.exe runtime --version "9.0.201" --destination "C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\.flexrule\9.0.201" --extract "C:\Users\<user-name>\Download"
Updated on May 17, 2023

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