Test Command


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Test command will run the TestCase logic documents that intend to ensure the quality of the models before Publishing and Deploying.

fr.exe test --project <value> --output <value> --license <value> --runtime <value> --logic <value>
  • project: This is path to the project file existing on your local computer. The extension of the project file is .frpj located inside a folder containing all of the project artifacts.
  • output: This can be either console or filepath if the value is console, it means the summary will be written on console, otherwise value is considered as a file path, which the summaries will be written to that file. If the folder location of the file does not exist, then it will be created automatically.
  • license: This is the path to the FlexRule Runtime license that is required to execute the tests.
  • runtime: This specifies the location where FlexRule Runtime is installed.
  • logic: The specifies the path to the Test Logic document that models the TestCase or ExpressionTest scenarios. Do not include the path to the file. It is the relative address based on what –project specifies.

You can also use help function as a guide.

fr.exe --help test


fr.exe test --project "C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\FlexRule\Designer\9.0.845\Bill Calculator\Bill Calculator.frpj" --output console --license "D:\Downloaded\FR License\flexrule.license (3).lic" --runtime "C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\.flexrule\9.0.201" --logic "Test Cases\testcase.xml"
Updated on March 21, 2023

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