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From version 8, we moved the Runtime SDK to NuGet and all the samples to GitHub.

To compile and run samples for FlexRule Runtime v8 you need to reference the ‘FlexRule.Runtime package from Nuget.

Github samples:
  1. Clone the sample repository locally
  2. Open any of the sample solutions
    1. FlexRule.Samples.sln
    2. Airline Discount Program.sln
    3. CarInsuranceWinApp.sln
    4. CaseHandling.sln
  3. Reference FlexRule.Runtime package from NuGet
  4. Compile and done!

Referencing NuGet Package

Once the solution is opened, Right click on solution and select the Package Manager

Find the package and Click on Install for all the projects

Compile Issue

If you get an error about NPOI conflicting with System.Windows.Forms type like below image:

You need to change the alias’of NOPI library.

In order to change the default alias:

  1. Select the NPOI in the project references
  2. In the property windows, find the Aliases. The value is global by default.
  3. Change the value to global_npoi
Updated on February 10, 2021

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