Type Parameters

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A type parameter allows the author of the logic to import or reference

  1. Types (class) definition
  2. Functions

to the logic, so they can be accessed during the logic execution.

Some use-cases are:

  • When you need to instantiate an object
  • When you need to access a static method of a type
  • When you need to import the methods of a type (class) as global functions in a logic

First, it required referencing the assembly in your project.

Project --> Properties --> References

Then under the Type Definition of your document, the assembly can be loaded.

Define Assembly

You can also browse the assembly using Type Browser.

assembly path browser

In defining types, you have to set your path which points to your type, including the namespace and name of it. This will create an element for using a command to define a type of reference in logic.

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Updated on March 29, 2023

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