Variable Types

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You can set the variable type when defining a variable. Specifying a type for input variables is mandatory when you want to deploy your project.

It enables the FlexRule Designer to provide suggestions (when possible) on:

  1. Method names
  2. Properties
  3. Fields

Default Types

Click on the ... button and the list of default types will be available:

Default variable types

Simply select one and press OK.

Remember you can always enter the type name directly without using the helper screen.

Custom Types

Custom DLL

To set a type, just select the Assembly by choosing from the dropdown list. If your assembly is not listed, you need to reference it at Project --> Properties --> References. Once the assembly is selected, you can then select the type.

Simply find your type and press OK.

Remember you can always enter the type address directly without using the type explorer.

Variable custom type

Type Browser

This is a window in FlexRule Designer that helps you browse and explore managed types. When you reference an assembly in your rule project, you can explore this and use the Type Browser to understand your types better.

When your project is loaded, go to,

View --> Type Browser 

or press F12 and you will see the window below:

Type Browser allows you to:

  • Explore referenced assemblies
  • Search for a type or member
  • Copy member or type name
  • Local to a type of
    • Method arguments
    • Property
    • Field

Fact Concept

This is where you can connect a Fact Concept file as well. Select the Fact Concept file as Assembly from the drop-down list.

Then select the Type (this is the Fact name in the Fact Concept document).

Variable type selector
Updated on August 21, 2023

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