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Upload a Service to an Existing Package

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Upload the Service from Designer

You can use Package Builder to upload service to an existing package.

Once you created the new service of the same package in the designer, go to Package Builder.

There you have to provide the same package identifier and version, but a different service version. This will upload the new service version to the same package.

Manually Upload the Service

If you want to manually upload a new service to an existing package, you can use this option. It has the option to either replace an existing service or schedule as a new service.

Once you log into the workbench, go to, Create New --> Service and you will see the screen below.

  • Target Package: The list of existing packages.
    Select the package that needs to be updated with a new service
  • Service Package File: Browse for the package file with the new service

If you want to upload a new service, it can be scheduled on the below screen.

If you don’t schedule the new service, it will replace the existing default service.

Updated on May 11, 2022

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