Working Memory

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In an inference engine, the working memory is a memory into which all of the facts will be asserted. As a result, the engine Rete cycle will be activated on different nodes.

Working memory has the following interface to interact:

// Summary:
//     Working memory of the engine that holds all of the facts as FlexRule.Inference.Rete.WMElement
public interface IWorkingMemory
    // Summary:
    //     Numbers of available facts inside the memory
    int Count { get; }
    // Summary:
    //     Filters and finds facts based on type and provided filter
    // Parameters:
    //   filters:
    // Type parameters:
    //   T:
    IEnumerable<T> Find<T>(params Func<T, bool>[] filters);
    // Summary:
    //     Lists all of the facts in the working memory
    IEnumerable<object> List();

This interface makes your application capable of querying the memory via API when it is required.

Updated on April 26, 2024

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