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It is possible to execute an existing package profile via the command line. FlexRule Designer accepts some parameters and can build your package from the console command line.

FlexRule.Designer.exe [Project File] 
       -plugin FlexRule.Designer.Deployment.dll 
       -run "build package" 
       -profile [Profile file path]
       -version [Package version]
       -identifier [Package identifier]
       -output [Package location to save]


  • plugin: This parameter must remain as above FlexRule.Designer.Deployment.dll as we are targeting the publisher plugin.
  • run: This parameter is the command that is defined within the plugin. It should remain the same as the above build package
  • profile: Defines a Decision Module file relative to the location of your rule project. If multiple Decision Module needs to be added, multiple profile parameters can be used.
  • includeAssemblies: ensures all the assemblies in the project will be included in the package.
  • version: Defines the package version
  • identifier: Defines the package identifier
  • output: This is the full path to which the package is saved.


The below command creates a package for our sample XBRL project:

FlexRule.Designer.exe "D:\XBRL Rules\XBRL.frpj" -plugin FlexRule.Designer.Deployment.dll -run "build package" -profile "Publish\XBRL Package.xml" -includeAssemblies -version 1 -identifier "XBRL Validation Rules" -output "d:\XBRL Validation Package.frdp"

The package will be stored at d:\XBRL validation package.frdp

Decision Module

A Decision Module is a bundle of logic that is going to be deployed to an environment. That can be for different purpose, such as Testing, Production, and so on.

A Decision Module contains all different set of logic:

1. Flow
2. Validation
3. Decision Table
4. Procedure
5. Decision Requirement Diagram (DRD)
6. Information Requirement diagram (IRD)
7. Glossary
By creating a Decision Module you build a RuleSet in which the address of each individual logic will be relevant to the Area in which it is located.

As the Decision Module represents a RuleSet, it should have an Entry Uri..

Updated on March 28, 2022

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