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Publishing allows you to bundle your logic documents for deployment as a set of files and folders or as a single zip package. Decision Modules are bundles of your business logic that are used to publish a set of logic. A Decision Module contains all of the logic required to support a specific scenario:

  1. Flow
  2. Procedure
  3. Validation
  4. Decision Table
  5. Natural Language
  6. Decision Graph (i.e. Decision Model and Notation, DRD)

To add a new profile to publish,

Document Types --> Utilities --> Publish Profile

Once you add a document, this will be the window.

Publish Profile Properties

When the Profile node is selected in the tree, you can see the following in the Properties window 

This is the Service URL of the package published using the above configuration.

  1. Destination: This is the folder where the linked files and areas will be pushed/ the zip file will be created.
  2. Display Title: Each Decision Module may have a display title that can be set using this property.
  3. Entry Uri: Name of the file that should run first (If there are multiple files, this is the main flow file).
  4. Home: Base folder where all logic documented can be found. Leave it empty to use the current project folder automatically. Specify a valid path for a custom-specific folder location.
  5. Name: This is the name of the package file (.frd file).
  6. Type:
    1. Directory: Create separate folders inside the given Destination
    2. ZipPackage: Create a package zipped in one package file
  7. Exclusions: File types to be removed from the package. Add multiple extensions separated by commas ,
  8. Inclusions: File types to be added. Add multiple extensions separated by commas ,
  9. Identifier: Package name
  10. Revision: Service version
  11. Version: Package and service versions


The toolbox has the following items.

Top Menu

At the top menu, you can see the following items.

  1. Move down the selected node: Move a node
  2. Move up the selected node: Move a node up
  3. Delete selected node: Delete a node
  4. Show properties of node: Show properties of a node
  5. Expand tree: Show more of a tree node
  6. Collapse tree: Show less of a tree node

The following icons are available on the main menu.

  1. Publish a Profile: Create the publish profile package file (.frd file)/ folder
  2. Deploy: Deploy the created package (.frd file)

Node Properties

If you click on a node, its property window will appear. The properties vary depending on the node type.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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