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Deploy Agent to AWS Lambda

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Deployment to AWS Lambda requires FlexRule Server 8.0 or later.

Why use AWS Lambda?

  • No need to manage servers for execution of services. Infrastructure is managed by the cloud provider.
  • Charges are only calculated for the time your service execution runs. You don’t pay anything when the server is idle.
  • Services can be scaled easily to run in parallel or with increased computational power.

You can deploy a Lambda Agent directly from the Workbench.


You will need the following details from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Access Key Id and Secret Key

These credentials can be generated for the AWS account to be used to deploy the resources. To generate a new access key id and secret key use the AWS IAM console. The account will need to have permissions to create and manage AWS resources (Lambda, API Gateway, S3 Bucket).


This is the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the role to use for executing the Lambda function. The role needs to have permissions to execute Lambda and access the RDS database to be used.


This is the AWS region where your Lambda function and associated resources will be deployed.

S3 Bucket

Deployment requires access to an S3 Bucket in order to upload the code for the Lambda Agent. This needs to be an S3 Bucket you have permissions to upload files to. If the S3 Bucket doesn’t exist, it will be created.

How to Deploy from the Workbench

Navigate to Administration > Agents.

Click on Deploy Lambda in the top right menu for Agents.

Complete the form with your AWS details and click Deploy.

The deployment can take up to a few minutes.

Once completed, the form will close and the new agent will be available in the agents list.

Switch the Status to ON to allow services to be executed with your Lambda Agent.

The deployment will upload a file to your S3 Bucket, create a Lambda function, and create an API Gateway. You can use the AWS Console to change configuration for the Lambda function (e.g. increase memory) or to delete the created resources.

The Lambda function must be able to connect to the database used for FlexRule Server.

FlexRule Server Jobs are not compatible with Lambda as they need to run in background processes.

Updated on October 9, 2019

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