Extension Manager

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Extensions allow adding new functionality and capability to FlexRule Designer. This means by installing new extensions, a new toolbox or function will become available.

There is an online extension repository that can be explored using the Extension Manager

On the Tools menu Extension Manager can be found:


Allows you to download and install Alan extension from an online repository to your local project.

  • Select the Online Repository tab
  • Find your extension
  • Select the extension in the list
  • Click on the Install button in the toolbar

If a version of an extension is already installed, Uninstall it first.


Uninstalling an extension from your local computer should be done using the Installed Locally tab:

  • Select the Installed Locally tab
  • Find the extension you want to uninstall
  • Select the extension from the list
  • On the toolbar, Click on the Uninstall button 
Updated on November 19, 2019

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