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You can import a CSV, PMML, JSON, JSON Schema, Database Tables, or Views to create Fact Concept document.

Create a Fact Concept document and select Import from the Top Menu.

Import JSON Schema

If you have a JSON Schema file, you can directly import JSON Schema and it will automatically creates a Fact Concept for you.
You can download a sample JSON Schema file in here.

Import JSON Data

If you have a JSON data file, you can create Fact Concept by importing the JSON data.

You can download a sample JSON data file in here.

Import Database Tables and Views

In order to import Database or views, you need to connect to your database first in the following connection editor window .

database fact

Once you connect, you can select the database tables and views which you want to import to Fact Concept document based on your requirements.

table and view import

Import CSV

You can import an csv file to your Fact Concept document.

Once you select csv from the drop down menu, you will be asked to select the csv file.

Import PMML File

If you have a PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) file for your model, you can import it into Fact Concept document.

Once you select PMML from drop down list, following window will pop-up to select your PMML document.

PMML window

Add the PMML file location and a name for the Fact (It will create a Fact Concept file and this will be the name of the fact).

Selected PMML

Once the file is imported successfully, you will be able to see the PMML file and its Fact Concept file. It automatically creates the Fact Concept file.

Search Facts in the Fact Concept document

Once you finish importing to the Fact Concept document, it may contain several Facts. In that case you can easily search your Facts using Properties Window.

Once you use search box in the properties window and click right arrow next to search, it will direct you to the relevant Fact in the Fact Concept document.

Updated on April 11, 2023

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