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Reusable library

In FlexRule, you can create a reusable library for your expressions and rule entry by using the following:

  1. Glossary of terms: Business glossary of terms allows you to provide values, options and expressions for both Decision table and Natural language rules entry
  2. Boxed expressions: Defining boxed expressions allows you to build reusable expressions
    1. Value expressions
    2. Formula expressions


Logic documents can call each other in two ways:

  1. Direct referencing
  2. Call as a function

Refer to the table below for reusability and sharing rules and logic between different components.

The horizontal row is the callee, and the vertical row is the caller in the table below. For example, if you want to call a Validation rule inside a flow, you should chose Flow from vertical and Validation from horizontal. The cell would be your result (i.e., Validator).

Callee (horizontal)Caller (vertical)Validationor DecisionFlowDMNProcedureDecision Table
Validationor DecisionLogic,ValidatorFunctionFunctionAlias,CallMethod CallProcCallDecisionTable
ProceudreValidatorFunctionFunctionCallProc,Modular ScopeCallDecisionTable
Decision TableDMNDMNFunctionFunctionDMN

In FlexRule you can register any logic document as a function. For more details, check here.

Extending Functionality

The good news is that extending the functionality is very simple:

  1. Extending expressions
  2. Extending validation rules
  3. Creating and manipulating objects
Updated on July 19, 2019

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