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JSON Composer allows editing and creating a JSON data inside a tree view structure of a JSON text editor. It allows building JSON data in multiple views; Graphical and Text views.

The data structure can be a template using Fact Concept or, the data elements can be added individually.



Tools -- > JSON Composer

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Data Composer

To provide data to parameters, using Data Composer allows you to build up the required JSON and provide them to logic parameters.

In the Data Composer, select From JSON Content


JSON Composer provides two views:

  1. Design Mode
  2. Text Mode

By clicking on the left bottom icon you can switch between them.


In the Design Mode of any JOSN structure, there will be a Root node. The Root node is the main container of the rest of the data structure.

The Root node can only have objects (Name-Value collection of the JSON body)

Adding Data

When the JSON Composer is loaded

  • On toolbar click on the add button
  • Or Right-click on the Root node

You can also click on an existing node on a tree and add a child node.


Right Click on a node and select

  • Edit Name
  • Edit Value
  • Edit Type

to edit the tree.

You can also Double Click on namevalue or Type in a selected row and start editing them.

Fact Concept

When any Fact Concepts are defined in the project, the value of an object can be set by Fact or Option:

And you can create the whole fact model with a single click:

Sample JSON file

A sample JSON input file (sample-JSON.zip) is attached at the end of the page.

Updated on February 27, 2020

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