Parameter Binder Wizard

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When a Decision Table is modeled, it requires parameters as a way of reading data.

To open the parameter binder wizard, click on the parameter binder wizard icon on the top menu

Then the following window will appear.

The parameter binder creates and maps the required parameters based on the Decision Table model automatically. If any fact concept is required for any input and output parameters depends on the setting, it will create them automatically as well.


To build the required parameters, there are multiple options:

One for all

A single Fact Concept that holds all the data for input and output

One parameter

A Fact Concept related to input and another parameter related to output data

Individual parameters

Create parameters for every column and added as variable parameters in the document

Data Model

When any of the below options for input or output is selected:

  • One for all
  • One parameter

Then the Input/Output Data Model allows creating a fact concept automatically based on the columns of the Decision Table.

  • Concept filename: Specifies the name of the fact concept document that is going to be created as part of the project.
  • Namespace: Each fact concept should have a Namespace which can be changed here.
  • Input Fact Name: Each fact must have a name that is chosen automatically.
  • Output Fact Name: Each fact must have a name that is chosen automatically.

Naming Conversion

Depending on the platform the Decision Table is running i.e. JavaScript, .Net and etc. different naming conversion is required. These settings by default define the conversion that is compatible with all platforms.

Updated on April 4, 2022

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