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Register on FlexRule

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1. Register on FlexRule

To create a FlexRule account, use the following link,

You should see a success message after filling out the required fields.

You should receive an email once our support team creates your account.

Check your spam folder, as it is very likely that the verification email will be filtered for spam.

Click on the Set your Password URL.

Set a password for your account and click Save Password.

Now, you have a FlexRule account and can use your username and password to sign in to the FlexRule website to download products.

2. Go to your FlexRule Profile Page

You will be able to access your profile by navigating to http://my.flexrule.com.

Although your account has been successfully made, the download items and license downloader are not available at this stage until you get a confirmation email from FlexRule support team.

A support team member will review your registration and send you a confirmation email within one business day.

Updated on October 31, 2023

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