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Download My Licenses Application

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Use the My Licenses Application to generate licenses for the following:

  • FlexRule Runtime
  • FlexRule Designer
  • FlexRule Server

1. Download the license application

Navigate to http://my.flexrule.com/ and log in.

Download the MyLiceses app.

Before you can download the licenses, you must contact the FlexRule support team (support@flexrule.com) to receive a confirmation email after registration.

2. Download Licenses Using My Licenses Application

1. After downloading, unzip FlexRuleMyLicenses.zip and run My License Application.

2. Enter the username and password of your registered FlexRule account. Make sure to enter the username, not the whole email address (unless you used your email address as the username).

3. Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to see your license details.

4. Select the subscription, the products you want to update with the license, and the location on your computer to download the license files.

To install FlexRule Designer, you will need to download both Designer and Runtime licenses

5. Once the licenses are downloaded you can see the files in the selected folder location.

  • FlexRule Designer license: flexrule.designer.license.lic
  • FlexRule Runtime License: flexrule.license.lic
  • FlexRule Server License: flexrule.server.license.lic
Updated on February 18, 2021

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