Service Scheduling

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You can use the Scheduler to run different versions of Services at different times.

This is useful if you have one Package with multiple Services and your old Service has been running for a while, and you now want to load the new version of that Service at a specific time (e.g. at 12 PM today). This will stop using the old version and start using the new version at the specified time.

General Information

  • Package can include multiple Service versions with business logic and processes.
  • All Services (with different versions) inside a Package can be scheduled. In this case, all Services must be enabled.
  • A Service with Start/End settings has priority over a Service with no Star/End settings.
  • If you do not set any schedulers (Star/End settings) for your Services and you have multiple Services, then you should choose a Service version when you call your service via REST API. Otherwise, you will receive an error.

Setup Scheduler for a Service version

If you have different Service versions for the same package, then for each of them you can set up a different Date/Time scheduler.

To open the schedulers,

  • Click on the package file.
  • The list of Services will be shown with a drop-down list to select the scheduler. Select Use Scheduling there.
  • Edit the service you want to schedule
  • Under options, you can schedule the time to run the service. Date/ Time is based on UTC time.

    If you don’t define any End date/time, the service will keep running.
  • Click on Update once you schedule the service.

You will be able to see the scheduled time for each service.

You do not need to STOP any Services to make the scheduler work. FlexRule Server finds the best available Service that is enabled based on the Scheduler setting.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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